Jeevandeep Pathology Laboratory is a chain of clinical laboratory established in 2006, whose prime motto is customer satisfaction by providing accurate and quality results on time. Jeevandeep Pathology Laboratory comprehensive testing services include: Biochemistry, Immunochemistry, Serology, Microbiology, Haematology, Pathology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Histopathology and Cytology. We offer more than 920 types of clinical lab tests, including around 400 speciality lab tests. Jeevandeep Pathology Laboratory follows a highly specialised process that adheres to the international standards of ISO 15189 and 9001:2015.

Motivation, commitment and sincerity towards work has not only transformed but also escalated Bioline from a small branch organization in its first year to a 5 branch organization in its 10th year. In order to perform to the fullest, Jeevandeep employs cutting edge technology along with top quality medical professionals who make sure that the group discussions and the training programmes conducted within each department keep each and everyone in Jeevandeep updated of new developments in the field of medicine.

In the due course of discharging its duties it always complies with International Standards which by themselves have set the bar high. The quest for development in medical field and its commitment towards the society has lead Jeevandeep to establish a Research Institute under its wing. Jeevandeep takes utmost care to ensure that the latest technology is utilized to provide the best results for the customers.

Commitment To Quality

Jeevandeep as an organization builds its fairly strong foundation to succeed by offering unmatched quality of service on following aspects: Patient Care, Innovative Test Methodologies, Clinical Excellence, Diagnosis with Expertise, Continuous Quality Improvement, Dedicated Staff Members, High Caliber Performance, Continuous Learing and Organizational Ethics.

Jeevandeep Pathology Laboratory’s success greatly relies on efficiently conducting its operational activities and for which Human resource department helps the organization by scouting for good talent, recruit and give them great mentorship to deliver top class diagnostic solutions.

Time and Accuracy are the two main pulses of Jeevandeep Pathology laboratory keeps apart from all of its kind, nurtured with dedication, contemporary and continuous up-gradation, of global technologies with the ethics of human values.


The mission of Jeevandeep Laboratory is to develop and deliver accurate, innovative, and timely diagnostic and consultative services to the medical community in the nation.

To Make a significant advancement in the level of diagmostic care by adhering to Global Standard and good laboratory practices which will catapult the of company continuously into a high growth trajectory. Recrutment of field experts, researches and expansion of collaborative research network both nationally and internationally as well as researching, developing and transferring technology, especially in medical diagnostic products for local user and commercialization in conjunction with development and training of researchers.


To be the leader in Medical diagnostics laboratory services to improve the quality of medical care in the country. Excellence in Medical diagnostics, customer service, research and development to international standards and established reference clinical laboratory in the nation emphasizing development in science & technology and technology transfer for self sustainability and finally commercialization.