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Let CARE come home! we ensure the highest level of safety standards for you and your family. If there’s a chance you’ll have a severe allergic reaction to a skin test, your doctor may call for a blood test. The blood is tested in a laboratory for the presence of antibodies that fight specific allergens.

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Why  Jeevandeep Laboratory ?

JeevanDeep Laboratory has top notch facility and also is the most trusted Brand when it comes to healthcare.Jeevandeep Laboratory provides checkup from comfort of your home with home sample pickup and also we believe n Safety and keep utmost care by having Certified Pathologist, Health Checked Technician and Sanitized Lab.

When you trust us with your samples for your regular health checkup, you can rest assured knowing that you will only get accurate and quick results.

Why  Choose Us

Our certified Phlebotomists will collect samples from anywhere, anytime in your city

Jeevandeep Lab believe in Safety and keep utmost care by having Certified Pathologist, Health Checked Technician and Sanitized Lab.

At JeevanDeep Laboratory ,the blood test reports will be made available to you with accuracy and without any delays

What we offer

We follow the highest level of safety standards for your and our safety

Full Body Checkup

Get Full Body checkup from the comfort of your Home with home sample pick up at your convinience. Schedule a Checkup Today!

Diversified Packages

Jeevandeep Lab provides diverse packages so it becomes one ctop solution for Your Health

Rare Packages

Hop On! to our not so common package which includes check up of Obesity, Menopausal , Marraige Compatibility and Hyper Tention. Advanced Full body Test

What our Clients say

Diagnostic Pathology Laboratory in Thaltej Ahmedabad

Jeevandeep pathology laboratory is a diagnostic lab in Ahmedabad offering a wide range of tests with high quality and reliable results in Thaltej and nearby areas. At present we have opened our new branch in Vasna, Ahmedabad. We offer diagnostics services such as cytogenetics test, allergy test, infectious disease test, and infertility panels.

Your health is our top priority, and we use cutting-edge technology and tools to ensure accurate results. Jeevandeep laboratory is a reputable pathology laboratory in Thaltej, Ahmedabad that provides error-free reports. Our rigorous quality control checks and knowledgeable lab technicians ensure the most accurate testing results.

You do not need to visit another lab for your health check-up because we perform all routine lab tests under one roof and also provide a home visit.

We provide testing packages for a general health checkup, immunity, allergy, fever, anemia, vitamin, arthritis profile, thyroid, fertility, diabetes, and cardiac health checkup in Ahmedabad. Contact us today or book an appointment online.